turquoise gerbera flower“WE break open the place inside, which is unbreakable, by learning to sing.”

Learn to sound like yourself.


What does that mean, to “sound like yourself?”

If we’re lucky, we come into this world singing at full volume.   But somewhere along the way,  we’re taught to be quiet by a mostly well-meaning world, and we lose something important to us.

Why do you want to sing?  Your answers to this question may sound obvious at first, but if you hold them up to the light, it’s possible you may catch a glimpse of the most vital and powerful aspects of who you are.

There is a lot of our selves to be found in our voices.  Singing is, at once, all these things:

  • technical
  • physical
  • expressive
  • spiritual

Therefore, it takes knowledge AND courage to sing!  I want nothing more than to give you some great tools and provide a fun and musical safety net, and to show you ways that singing can make your life better.

A little about me: I was born and raised under a rock and roll stage, carted around the world by a musical family.  I “became” a singer early on, spending thousands of hours as a student, earning a conservatory degree, performing on stages large and small, and working with some incredibly gifted colleagues in my own career. But it wasn’t until I started combining my growing meditation and spiritual path WITH my own decades of knowledge about singing that I started to feel truly alive as a performer, a teacher, and a person.  I have taught voice to a variety of wonderful students since 2005, and I’m comfortable instructing in many styles of singing, such as Classical, Jazz, Straight-tone Choral, Musical Theater, Indian Raga, and Pop.   Improvising with my students is my favorite thing to do.

My lessons employ a mixture of Western and Eastern methods and modalities.

For more information or to book a lesson, please email me  dazerpress@gmail.com or feel free to call (917) 655-8848 and leave a message.