Voice lessons with me are whatever you’d like them to be.  If you want me to lead and feed you, that’s ok too.

turquoise gerbera flower

What I want most for you is to have a grounded, creative, real experience of your own voice, whether you are already a singer or a total beginner.   There are many, many ways of getting there, including technical exercises, working on songs, combining singing with meditation, and working together in a sound healing modality.

What do you want for your voice and your self?

  • IN order for you to be in deeper communion with the voice that has been with you since the moment of birth, we build a lesson format that will include only what works best for you as you become a better singer.
  • If you have never sung a note in the presence of another because you believe you are “tone deaf” or a “horrible singer,” we can spend as much time as you need on the very basics of matching pitch and coaxing resonance out of your body.
  • If you want to find your voice through the medium of pop music, cool!  We can sing Adele, or Sinatra, or Winehouse, or Prince.  (Let’s go crazy.  Let’s get nuts.)
  • If you want to work on your throat chakra in an energy healing modality, let’s dive in deep.  The room in which we sing is painted blue for a reason, and we intone with the drones of a crystal bowl and shruti box that speak directly to this chakra. I also love to make fun of sound healing.
  • If you want to sing opera, let’s work on creating the gorgeous operatic shimmer that fills a room. Let’s work on your Italian (or German or French) while I teach you just what it takes in your body to sustain a living, moving legato line.
  • Do you write your own music?  Let’s work on inviting even more of your self into the songs that you’ve written.
  • Would you like to find new ways of practicing and making music when you are by yourself?  I would love to teach you how to make gorgeous textures with your voice, a mic, and a loop pedal.
  • Finally – we can develop a daily vocal practice routine that will enrich your life enormously.

Together we sing vital aspects of our selves into being.